We have the experience and know-how to get you and your boat to its new home.

We’ll deliver your boat to anywhere from anywhere, sail and motor, any size or configuration. We will captain and crew your charter, anywhere – weekend, week, in the Caribbean or wherever your dreams take you. Charter a boat for pleasure, or for a business meeting and bring us aboard. Captain Bill Madison brings many years of experience and successful deliveries to his role as Senior Captain; Captain Mike Martel brings years of sailing experience to his role and specializes in yachts that carry canvas.

We invite you to come along on the delivery voyage to get to know your new boat and gain valuable sea experience. The presence of a professional captain will give you security and confidence, and we also offer programs of instruction to new yacht owners.

“I have known Capt. Bill Madison for approximately 6 years. During that time he has made two deliveries for me… Capt. Bill has extensive knowledge and decades of experience operating vessels both large and small. The experience we gained, and the comfort level that we had while he was onboard, has proven to be invaluable. Our experiences with Capt. Bill Madison on board have always been good. He has a vast amount of knowledge, is extremely capable at sea and more than willing to teach new owners. In fact, the two deliveries that Bill has made have proven to be the single greatest boating learning experience that we have had.”
Very truly yours, David P. Evangelista